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What would you like to know? I grew up (some of my siblings may question this statement!) the second of eight children in a middle class Irish Catholic family in a middle class neighborhood in South Minneapolis. You couldn’t ask for a better childhood--great parents, great friends, great family. I may have been born with a ball of some kind in my hands since I have been active in many sports most of my life and currently am the proud “Coach O” of the Nevis HS Varsity Girls Fastpitch Softball Team. (Go Tigers!)

My education will always be a work in progress. However, after getting an excellent foundation from Mrs. Alida Stone, my kindergarten teacher, I continued through stops at Annunciation grade school; De La Salle HS, and various stints through the U of MN---and let’s not forget USAF Security Service; Language School at Monterrey and the resulting work in the best Squadron ever “Skivvy-Nine”!

Along the way I have been fortunate to have been blessed with:

  • two outstanding children, Cap and Molli;
  • four of the cutest grandchildren anyone could have: Audri, Parker, Mason, and Paige;
  • last but certainly not least, my lovely bride, Leah, who puts up with all of my hair brained ideas (no pun intended) and still loves me!

I’ve been involved in sales of some sort my entire life when not becoming a technical expert on pressure differentials in homes. After close to thirty years, I recently stepped away from day to day work in the Hearth Product Industry (that would be “Fireplaces” to those of you outside the industry!) but am still an active participant on both the national and local level through NCHPBA. I sit on the board of our local Chamber of Commerce and also on the board of Audrey’s Purple Dream (APD). APD is a fabulous grass roots organization of volunteers who raise monies to assist local cancer victims with their struggles.

Life’s happenings gave me an opportunity about 14 years ago to escape the city and settle up here in what I refer to as “Jackpine Savage” land…or simply the peace and quiet of Northern Minnesota.

It is here that “TBHI Presentations” was created….but wherever YOU are is where it will blossom!

Mike O’Rourke “The Bald Headed Irishman”